The new municipal cemetery is in the Nisou area, near the new municipal cemetery of Nicosia. For a certain period of time both cemeteries will operate simultaneously: the new one and the existing cemetery at Makedonitissis str., which is under the management of the Church.

The whole area of the cemetery has been surrounded by a wall, but only a part of the area is currently operating.

In the future a small church will be built, along with a funeral home and a mortuary.

In the meantime the City Council has decided the following:

(a) A place for VIPs will not be saved

(b) Only single graves will be available, strictly according to order of demand and ascending numbers

(c) Προπωλήσεις τάφων δεν γίνονται.

(d) There will not be pre-sales of graves

  • € 768,00 for a permanent family grave
  • € 256,00 for a grave for five years
  • € 153,00 for excavation and burial fees