Emergency planning

Aiming at providing all possible help to the Strovolos’ residents who may face problems due to a serious disaster, the Municipality services have planned two emergency plans described below, in a way that they can act immediately in any given moment.

In each plan, all the material available to the Municipality, human or not, is involved, with a clear and pre-assigned role for each employee of the Municipality. The Mayor and the Town Clerk have the role of the general coordinators.

Plan for responding to an earthquake or other disaster

This plan is part of the wider state plan, with which it is linked for coordination purposes and for drawing additional means in case all the services of the Municipality need reinforcement to be able to offer the major possible help and support to those who need it.

In case additional help and support is offered by the Centre of Operations Control of the district, it is placed at the disposal of the general coordinator of the Municipality, for a better coordination of the operations.

Flood plan

This plan is specialised and operates independently of the previous general plan, to be able to respond more effectively to the specific needs resulting from the flood.