The Open School Programme of the Municipality of Strovolos, is a programme funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and has been operating in the municipality since 2008. The purpose of the Programme is to use schools as Centers for Culture, Sports and Creation during afternoons since otherwise they would have remained unused.

In this programme, children and adults have the ability to learn and participate in various events such as dancing, computers, musical instruments, cooking – confectionery, theatrical workshops, painting, various sports, etc.

The schools belonging to Strovolos Municipality, open in the afternoons, on weekends and public holidays to host the “Open School” programmes.

Registration begins:  From Monday, 10th of September 2018 until Friday, 21th of September 2018, hours 8:00m.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Beginning of Activities:  Monday, 15th of October 2018.

How was the Open School Created:                                                                                             

In September 2006 the Ministry of Education And Culture informed the Municipality of its intention to implement the pilot programme called the “Open School”. The Municipality subsequently asked for more information on the programme’s goals.

It was later reported to the Ministry that the Municipality of Strovolos intended to operate the programme. Having successfully developed similar programmes, such as the Children’s Club, where 290 children are handled on the premises of the local elementary schools, the structure for such an operation existed. Meanwhile, the municipality also began developing the Dance Club, the Children’s theatrical workshop, the Arts and Crafts Club and the Children’s Choir.

In October 2008 the Open School programme has started its operation in the Municipality of Strovolos.

According to the statute, the members of the “Open School” can be:                        

  • The Municipality
  • Clubs and organised groups of the Municipality
  • The Youth Board
  • The School Board
  • Parents’ Associations

The purposes and main goals of the Programme are:                                                               

  • Stimulation of Municipality residents to take part in social activities which will Improve their quality of life
  • Growth of cultural and athletic abilities in our society
  • Possibilities for organisations, clubs and people to have cultural, artistic and athletic activities so that they can promote their work to the public
  • Strengthen the relationship between the residents of the Municipality

The means to achieve the purposes and main goals of the Programme:                                

  • Organizing sports, theater, cinema, dance, music and other cultural activities.
  • Organizing exhibitions
  • Organizing lectures for social, educational, financial, scientific and other issues.
  • Organizing programmes for the protection of the environment.
  • Organizing different training programmes.
  • Proclaming for various competitions.
  • Using school libraries for the public so as to study and borrow books
  • By publishing, printing and circulating newsletters, brochures, magazines or books.
  • Using European programmes and cooperating with other European countries.
  • By developing cooperation with Public Authorities, Semi-Government or Private Organizations.
  • By setting up special committees for specialized work, surveys, studies, etc.
  • By establishing a fund for the smooth operation of the “Open School” and the fulfillment of its goals and responsibilities.
  • By the recruitment of staff to carry out the Open School project.

The first public school to host the “Open School” is the Constantinoupoleos Elementary School.

Nowadays there are more schools and other places that hosting the Open School programmes.

Areas of activities:

Constantinoupoleos Elementary School
Ayia Marina Elementary School
Archangelos Elementary School
Chryseleousa Elementary School
Dasoupolis Elementary School
Municipal Sports Center

Board Members of the Strovolos Municipality “Open School”

  1. Andreas Papacharalambous, Mayor/ President
  2. Georgios Hadjioannou Sifu/ Vice-President
  3. George Christodoulou, General Secretary/Foundation secretary
  4. Froso Georgiadou
  5. Lenia Kyriakidou
  6. Makis Symeou
  7. Chryso Polycarpou
  8. Antonis Kountouris
  9. Andreas Papandreou
  10. Savvas Agathokleous
  11. Savvas Constantinides
  12. Theodosia Hadjichloe
  13. Costas Sofroniou

Area of activities:

  • Constantinoupoleos Elementary School
  • Ayia Marina Elementary School
  • Archangelos Elementary School
  • Chryseleousa Elementary School
  • DasoupolisElementary School
  • Athletic Center
Τelephone: 22 470343,  99 160227
Fax: 22 470400

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