In 1993, when Mr. Iosif Hadjiosif was the Mayor of Strovolos, the Municipal Library of Strovolos was founded by unanimous decision of the City Council, and was lodged in a location donated by the Strovolos COOP Bank in the old centre of Strovolos.

The Library, when originally founded in 1993, operated at first as a study room with 4,152 books. The first books were given to the library through donations from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the church of Panagia Chryseleousa, as well as from private donors.

In 1994 it became a loaning library. With the operation of the loaning department the library has contributed a great deal to the readers and has attracted a large number of readers. Since then the library has been an area of knowledge, study and cultural contribution to the citizens of Strovolos and Nicosia at large.

After 21 years of operation, the library has offered, and continues to offer, services to readers. The library also organizes numerous events every year, such as book presentations in cooperation with other entities, book exhibitions, lectures on the importance of reading, educational programs, fun activities for children and so on.

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