The Municipality of Strovolos has established in 1994 the Strovolos Municipality Multi-Functional Foundation, a non-profit foundation responsible for the development and implementation of Social Policy in the area of Strovolos.

The Foundation is subsidised mainly by the Municipality of Strovolos, the Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance and relevant European programmes.

Under the framework of the Foundation, the following programs and activities of Social Policy function, which cover a wide spectrum of social services for various social groups in the local society of Strovolos:

Board Members of Strovolos Municipal Multi-Functional Foundation

  1. Andreas Papacharalambous, Mayor/ President
  2. Georgios Hadjioannou Sifu/ Vice-President
  3. George Christodoulou, General Secretary/Foundation secretary
  4. Froso Georgiadou
  5. Lenia Kyriakidou
  6. Makis Symeou
  7. Chryso Polycarpou
  8. Antonis Kountouris
  9. Andreas Papandreou
  10. Savvas Agathokleous
  11. Savvas Constantinides
  12. Theodosia Hadjichloe
  13. Costas Sofroniou

Childcare and activity centres

The “Strovolos Multipurpose Municipal Centre” operates thirteen childcare and activity centres in Primary Schools within the municipal boundaries of the Strovolos Municipality, in classrooms provided by the Strovolos and Nicosia School Boards as well as by the schools’ managements.

Primary Schools Address Telephone
Pernera 41 Peiraios St. 99350940
Stavrou 59 Stavrou Avenue 99320910
Agias Marinas 41 Chryseleousas St. 99279400
Chryseleousa 21 Vyronos St. 99310304
Agiou Dimitriou 8 Aristeidi Charalambous St. 99525510
Agiou Spyridona 64 Aristofanous Avenue 97777297
Archangelou 22 Agiou Gennadiou St. 97777297
Akropolis 73 Ifigeneias St. 99310312
Konstantinoupoleos 30 Tritonos St. 99320810
Apostolou Varnava Axiou St. 99327970
Pefkios Georgiadis 3 Deligiannis St. 99024974
Apostolou Louka 120 Kantaras St. 99288290
Dasoupolis 7 G. Papaverkiou St. 99352392

Childcare, lunch, afternoon snack, creative activities, as well as musical games, dance, taekwondo, sports and new generation board games are offered to children on a daily basis, under the guidance of specialised educators.

During school holidays the programme is enriched with excursions and visits of an educational and entertaining nature, with interactive presentations and experiential workshops, in collaboration with the Cyprus Youth Organisation, CYTA, the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, the Cyprus Energy Agency, animal friendly and environmental organisations, as well as other entities.

Centre operating days:
Monday – Friday

Operating hours:

  • During the school period: 13:05 – 18:00
  • During school and summer holidays: 7:00 – 18:00

The Centres are closed in August. During the last week of August only the Agia Marina Child Care and Activity Centre is open.


Maria Korre Charalambous
Childcare and Activity Centres Coordinator
Working hours: Monday – Friday (7:30 – 15:00)
Tel.: 22 470 375
Fax: 22 470 579

The Strovolos Centre for the Elderly has been operating since 1993 and is located on 33 Peiraios street, close to the Pernera Primary School. It offers a programme of daily activities for the retired residents of Strovolos.

It provides an opportunity for the elderly to spend their time in a pleasant and creative way, participating in a series of activities, to use their skills, socialise and actively participate in society.

Individuals can register as members of the Strovolos Centre for the Elderly if they are over 60 years of age, they are residents of the Strovolos Municipality and are physically independent. Today, there are 150 elderly people registered as members of the Centre.

Activities offered to members of the Elderly Centre

  • There is a monthly schedule of events and activities. More specifically, the following activities are offered on a weekly basis: painting, fitness, aquatic fitness, singing, dance, computers, discussions and talks, noodle group, visits/excursions and other activities. The members of the centre are encouraged to participate in one or more of the above activities.
  • For anyone of the above activities to operate, interest must be expressed by a minimum number of members
  • The members may be called to contribute towards the cost of specialised programmes.


Time Monday Time Tuesday Time Wednesday Time Thursday
9:15-10:00 Fitness 09:00-9:45 Aqua fitness 09:00-10:00 Dance 09:15-10:00 Fitness
10:15-12:15 Painting 14:45-16:00 Noodle group 10:00-11:00 Singing 10:15-11:00 Religious talk

Member registration

Those interested in participating in the Centre’s activities are required to complete a membership application form. Forms should be obtained from and returned to the Supervisor of the Strovolos Centre for the Elderly.


Members of the Centre pay a regular monthly fee, payable in advance, regardless of whether they will be absent for any given month. The fee is established by the Board of Directors of the Strovolos Multipurpose Municipal Centre, which has the right to review the fee from time to time.

The monthly fee is: €5.00

If the husband or wife of a member of the centre is not registered as a member and wishes to participate in excursions or other activities, he or she will be charged with the relevant amount.

Operating days 

The Centre for the Elderly operates daily except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

The Board of Directors has the right to close the centre temporarily at its discretion. In this case, the members are promptly informed. 

Operating times

Δευτέρα/Τετάρτη/Πέμπτη/Παρασκευή: 8:00 – 12:30

(ομάδα φιδέ και ηλεκτρονικών υπολογιστών)

8:00 – 12:30 & 

15:00 – 17:30


The operating schedule can be adjusted according to the needs and the activity schedule of the Centre for the Elderly.


For more information, interested residents can contact the Supervisor of the Centre for the Elderly, Mrs. Anna Philippou, at 22 495272 during the centre’s operating hours.

The Strovolos Centre for the Elderly is located at 33 Peiraios street, close to the Pernera Elementary Centre.   

Free counseling services to citizens that face sociological and physiological problems. Particularly:

  • Mental health
  • Drug addiction
  • Pair conflicts
  • Individual and family support and psychotherapy
  • Legal advices
  • Speech and language therapy.

For more information, please contact us: 22511728, 22470374 during working hours 7:30 until 15:00.

The Municipality has established its own camping site in the village of Dymes, in the Limassol District since 2010, and particularly at the Primary School of Dymes, which has been granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Community Council of Dymes.

During the summer holidays, camps are organised for children that study at the sixth class of primary school. The site is also given when an approval is granted in various organised groups for the same purpose.

For more information, please contact Ms Maria Korre Charalambous, at 22470375 during working hours 7:30 until 15:00.

Lectures and laboratories for parents and adults aiming at:

  • Educating parents in the use of more effective methods of growing up their children, as well as ways of handling them in daily matters, so as to create mature, happy, responsible and independent individuals.
  • Helping adults to solve their personal and family problems more effectively.

The Ministry of Education and Culture, finances the employment of a School Social Worker by the Foundation at the Technical Faculty Blissful G’ and in the B’ Technical School Nicosia.

The basic goal of the School Social Worker is the advisory guidance and support of students that present antisocial behaviors at school, examining simultaneously the familial framework of students, with interventions with the family, when judged necessary.

Additional objective of the programme is the promotion of preventive interventions of students, for the acquisition of essential skills, for the right configuration of their personality, beyond the knowledge field.

For more information, please contact us: 22470374 or