The Strovolos Municipality would like to inform residents that the new “Green Waste Collection Point” is now in operation. The centre aims to receive and forward green waste/trimmings to be composted, as well as recycling and/or reusing other domestic material and objects, such as electrical appliances, furniture, toys, etc.

Residents are required to transfer this waste to the “Green Waste Collection Point” themselves since, as previously announced, the Municipality terminated the garden waste collection service and the collection service of trimmings and other waste from plots in April 2019. This waste will be received free of charge for residents.

The “Green Waste Collection Point” in Strovolos is located next to the Nicosia General Hospital roundabout, on Chalkidikis street, (next to “Leroy Merlin” store). See Map here.

In addition, the Municipality would like to inform the public that the “Temporary Green Waste Collection Point” is no longer in operation. This was open until recently in the warehouse area of the Municipality, next to the former “Orphanides hypermarket”. The Strovolos Municipality requests that residents do not place bags with trimmings in front of their houses or litter empty plots or other open areas of the city.  Instead, residents should use the “Green Waste Collection Point”, which has been especially created for this purpose. For additional information regarding this matter, residents can visit the Municipality’s website here or contact the Resident’s Service Bureau at 22470470 during working hours. The cleanliness of the Municipality’s requires everyone’s cooperation. Let’s keep our neighbourhoods clean and healthy.

Strovolos Green Waste Collection Point
Operating Hours:
Summer timetable (April – September):
09:00am-7:00pm Monday – Saturday &
09:00am-2:00pm Sunday
Winter timetable (October – March):
9:00am-5:00pm Monday – Saturday &

9:00am-2:00pm Sunday
Contact number for the “Green Waste Collection Point”: 99950161

Operation Regulations:

The residents can deposit waste at the Point as long as it is of DOMESTIC USE AND ORIGIN and in separate types.

Under no circumstances can waste be deposited at the Green Waste Collection Point that originates from commercial activities, agricultural activities, contractors, industry or other professional entities.

Accepted types of waste are:


  1. Bulky waste (furniture, mattresses, carpets)
  2. Electrical and electronic equipment (EΕΕ) waste
  3. Garden waste (cuttings, thin branches)
  4. Plastic containers – packaging
  5. Plastic
  6. Paper / cardboard (newspapers, office paper)
  7. Glass
  8. Aluminium
  9. Metal objects (scrap, radiators, etc.)
  10. Wood
  11. Fabric
  12. Toys
  13. X-rays
  14. Thermometers
  15. Medicine
  16. Light bulbs
  17. Cleaning materials
  18. Paint, ink, glue, resin
  19. Edible oil and fat
  20. Car batteries (industrial or domestic use)
  21. Portable batteries
  22. Motor oil
  23. Waste for landfill

In addition to the types of waste mentioned above, residents can also place aggregate/rubble, DIY material (tiles, sanitary ware, etc.) and Excavation Construction and Demolition Waste (ECDW) of DOMESTIC USE AND ORIGIN in limited quantities. Each household may deposit up to 50kg per visit, with a maximum of 1 ton within a period of 6 months.



Operating Hours:

Monday –  Friday (8:00am – 3:30pm)

Contact number:  77 11 72 16