Citizen’s Service Bureau Officer: Constantinos Papageorgiou

  • Receives complaints from the public and facilitates solutions
  • Issues or renews dog ownership licences
  • Receives documents for tenders
  • Receives construction license / Land division / Approval certificates
  • Provides general information

Andreas Papacharalambous, Mayor

General Secretary: George Chistodoulou

Head of Department: Athena Chistodoulidou

  • Public relations
  • Sports centres
  • Library
  • Traffic wardens
  • Road lighting
  • Permanent property seizure by the government and temporary property seizure by the government, in emergency situations
  • Publishing of the municipality newspaper
  • Civil weddings
  • Main archives
  • Human resources

Head of department: Municipal Cashier, Maria Charalambidou

  • Financial management of the Municipality
  • Tenders office
  • Accounting
  • Warehouses
  • Tax collection
  • Cash desk

Head of Department: Municipal Engineer, Athanasios Kolyvas

  • Supervision of works for land division
  • Examination of longitudinal section plans
  • Licences of operation eateries, bars, cafes, etc.
  • Examination of application forms that concern:
    Construction licences
    Licences for division of buildings
    Licences for division of land
    Issue of approval certificates
    Licences for gas stations
    Licences for installation of advertisement billboards
    Lease/exchange/relinquishment of government land
  • Urban planning issues – Urban plan of Nicosia

Head of sector: Neofytos Christodoulides

  • Planning/Execution and supervision of civil engineering
  • Administration of contracts that concern road works, sidewalk repair, improvement of the road network
  • Traffic issues / Road safety
  • Supervision of works carried out based on article 17 of the law (Chapter 96)
  • Supervision of works

Garden and Green Officer: Eleni Andreou

  • Growth and maintenance of green areas
  • Creation of green areas and playgrounds
  • Creation of new parks

Head of Department: George Tsiakkas

  • Preventative measures to maintain public health
  • Enforcement of regulations for hygiene purposes in restaurants, food sales shops, markets, butcheries and hypermarkets
  • Swimming pool control
  • General hygiene of the city
  • Identification and elimination of nuisances caused by various waste, construction material or abandoned cars)
  • Extermination of insects and rodents
  • Collection and management of garbage
  • Vehicle maintenance

Municipal Officer for cultural affairs: Irene Violari

  • Organizes cultural, social and other events of the Municipality
  • Responsible for the operation of the municipal choir and the theatrical workshop

Municipal Traffic Wardens

Municipal traffic wardens have as a main aim to improve the level of road safety as well as the control of illegal parking according to the Legislation (Ν.47(Ι)/1997).
The Municipality employs traffic wardens who are appropriately trained and their duties are determined by the Μunicipal Council members, with the agreement of the Chief of Police.

Schools Traffic Wardens

In order to strengthen the work of municipal traffic wardens, the municipality also uses and persons from the private sector to control pedestrian crossings for schools serving, during the departure hours and withdrawment of students to their school and from their school. These are persons are properly trained, also.

Β. Out of Courts Fines

For offenses which can be imposed to an Out of Court fine, shall be determined by the Regarding Out-of-court Settlement and Offenses,  Laws of 1997 until and the amendments which are done.
If the extraordinary fine is not paid within fifteen 15 days from the date of the notification issue, the fine extraordinary fine, is raised by half of initial fine and must be paid within fifteen (15) days from the issue of the notification of Complaint.
Also within 30 days from the date of the notification issue, the payment of the extrajudicial fine can be settled in the following ways:

  1. Against the opening hours of the Municipal Fund (Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 2:00pm).
  2. Through the Strovolos Municipality website to the point e-Strovolos Οnline Payments/ e-payments – Pay your Bills through the internet, Taxes and Out of Court Fines here
  3. In Commercial Banks or Co-operative Credit Institutions
  4. By Postal check

The amount of the fine varies according to the offence, ranging from €8,00 to €300,00. The following are also included:

(a) Several violations of the legal regulations concerning vehicles and traffic as well as the municipal regulations for traffic, like:

Description Fine
Obstruction of circulation 50,00
Parking on the sidewalk 100
Violation of a traffic sign-Single yellow line 50,00
Parking on a double yellow line 100
Parking on a pedestrian crossing 150
Parking at a bus stop 150
Violation of a traffic sign-Parking at a stop sign 25,00
Parking in a lane of the opposite direction 100
Parking in a dangerous spot 25,00
Parking a short distance from a corner 100
Parking a short distance from the traffic lights 100
Parking at a metre after the expiration of the designated time 8,00
Parking at a metre without paying 8,00
Parking in a municipal parking spot violating a traffic sign-double yellow line 8,00
Parking in a municipal parking spot without paying the designated fee 8,00
Parking without paying in a municipal parking place 8,00
End of time in a municipal parking place on a street 8,00
Obstruction of passage 50,00
Violation of traffic sign-Stop and park 25,00
Parking in a municipal parking spot violating a traffic sign-only handicapped vehicles 8,00
Violation of traffic sign-handicapped vehicle spot 300
Violation of traffic sign-Parking for only sixty minutes 25,00
Violation of traffic sign-Parking for only thirty minutes 25,00
Violation of traffic signs – Parking on a traffic island 25,00

Applying the above provisions is the authority of the police. For traffic violations specified by the City Council based on the law concerning the municipalities, such authority is given (and it has been given) to the municipal traffic wardens as well as to other authorized persons.
For each charge a notification is issued, which describes the violation and indicates the amount of the fine and the location for its payment.
If the fine is not paid within 15 days from the date of the charge, the fine is raised by half and must be paid within the next 15 days.

Court measures are taken if the fine and the extra charge are not paid within 30 days from the day of the charge. (The charge date is considered to be the date of issue of the notification).
The fines imposed from a police officer for offences committed within the boundaries of the Municipality based on the regulations regarding vehicles and traffic, as well as the fined imposed from a municipal traffic warden or other authorized person by the Municipality, are paid to the Municipality.
The imposition and payment of a fine is not a conviction. The court, though, takes the fact into consideration during the determination of the penalty in relation with other similar offences committed by the same person.