Tango Legends by Mariela Maldonaldo and Pablo Sosa, 6/11/19 – Strovolos Municipal Theatre

Strovolos Municipality presents Mariela Maldonaldo and Pablo Sosa’s TANGO LEGENDS for the first time in Cyprus, with a performance that combines the best moments of Tango history to date. World-renowned Argentinean choreographers and dancers, with some of Argentina’s best dancers and musicians present with passion and sensuality an exciting journey, sharing with the audience the charm of Buenos Aires and the magic of music and dance, recalling that Tango continues to be a vibrant way of expression and substantial part of Argentina’s heritage and identity.

Each dance piece they present has incredible passion and explosive sensuality accompanied by magical music, impressive costumes and great elegance in movements.

Choreographers and dancers Mariela Maldonado and Pablo Sosa have been honored many times for their work and contribution to Argentinean culture. Their performances travel to major theaters around the world, garnering international prizes and critics.

Artistic directors/choreography: Mariela Maldonado & Pablo Sosa

Dancers: Mariela Maldonado & Pablo Sosa, Maria Sol Menescardi & Lucas Bayocco.
Manuela Bruno & Emmanuel Rodriguez, Juliana Masilla & Franco Cocheret.

Musicians: Trío Tango Legends: Manuel Momo (bandoneon /musical direction), Cristian Asato (piano), Lucia Cohan. ( violín)

Light Director: Miguel Lombardo.
Sound Director: Camila Lunelli.
General Director: Pablo Sosa.
Manager: Lucrecia Lopez Doyhenard

Organization: Rialto Theatre, Strovolos Municipality & Event Pro

5/11: Rialto Theatre
6/11: Strovolos Municipal Theatre

Duration: 80′

Tickets: €25-20
Information: www.rialto.com.cy / 77777745


Energy Day: A day dedicated to Energy Efficiency, 20/10/19 – Acropolis Park

Save the date! The Cyprus Energy Agency, together with the Energy Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, and the Environment Agency of Austria, organize an Energy Day for our little friends, on Sunday, October 20th, at Acropolis Park in Strovolos!

Join the event and learn through various activities, why is Energy Efficiency so important and what can we do to achieve it. Among others, the activities include:

– Art Corner: We paint for Energy
– Energy Lab: We create our own Solar Ovens and Electric Cars
– Living Library: We get to meet people who have been able to save energy and contribute to the protection of the environment with their lifestyle, mitigating at the same time, the phenomenon of climate change
– Information Desks: We get to know the opportunities available to save energy at home, work, and in our life in general

The event is supported by the European project Teeschools and is being held in parallel with another thematic event for children, organized by Inspired Family Fun – all for a good cause (bit.ly/2ogH3PN). The event is entrance free, with the exception of some activities of the parallel event, which require the purchase of a ticket, the net proceeds of which will be donated to the Καραϊσκάκειο Ίδρυμα / Karaiskakio Foundation.

Nextbike – The newest technology SmartBike public bike sharing system

Welcome to nextbike Nicosia!
The newest technology SmartBike public bike sharing system.

Nextbike Cy Ltd owns and operates the public bike sharing system of nextbike in Limassol since 2012 and is now making its presence in the streets of Nicosia with the latest technology of SmartBikes! The municipalities of Nicosia, Strovolos, Agios Dometios, Engomi and Aglantzia participate in this network.

The goal of nextbike is to be able to provide a supplementary and environmentally friendly means of transport for point-to-point distances to the local community,  tourists & visitors as well as the students of Nicosia. The city is known for its busy streets and traffic congestion issues as well the increased parking fees. With our bikes we want to offer the option of being able to carry out errands, popping out for lunch, attending classes or otherwise touring the cities on the bike, so as to offer a relief from the stress of traffic and parking.

We also offer packages at reduced prices to local businesses who wish to offer this service to their employees as an additional HR benefit, thus also enhancing their CSR portfolio.

Our SmartBikes make the rental & return process even easier! We offer a practical, easy and simple registration and rental solution to our users and our bikes are available 24/7.

How it works:

For first time users, you must register a new account online on our website www.nextbike.com.cy  and through our nextbike App.

Activation of the account is automatically made once  the payment details of the customer are entered. Various payment options are available such as credit or debit card registration or Paypal. Customers can also purchase vouchers at designated kiosks to top-up their nextbike account.

Upon confirming the payment method, the customer will be charged 10€ for verification purposes. This 10€ will be credited to the customer as a starting credit and can be used with all tariffs. The payment method can be changed by the customer at any time.

A customer can rent up to 4 bikes under one account in both our nextbike cities – Nicosia & Limassol.

For any assistance customers can contact us on our hotline at 77788323 or +35799408094 or by email at info@nextbike.com.cy

Rentals & Returns:

Our hybrid system offers a combination of all possibilities as it unites a free-floating area and rental stations at highly frequented locations. So customers are offered the best possible availability and maximum flexibility.

In other words, rentals and returns can be made at our designated stations or in our designated free float areas without charge. Returns outside these areas will incur an extra charge. Check out our map for more details:


  • At every blue pin-point / flagged location we have our official nextbike stationi where the return of bikes can be made without additional charge
  • The gray pin-points / flagged locations reflect our virtual stations where the return of bikes is permitted without additional charge
  • The blue lines which are along busy streets of the city are declared as our free-float area where our users can return their bikes anywhere along those streets without additional charge.
  • The pink areas / lines are areas where returns can be made but at an additional charge.

  • Log in to your account online or on our App
  • Enter the bike number Or Scan Qr code & bike automatically unlocks!
  • You can park your bike without stopping the rental. Activate the park mode in your app and close the lock afterwards. Simply deactivate it again to continue your ride. The lock opens automatically. Therefore do not deactivate the park mode from afar.
  • Return your bike at any official station or virtual station in Nicosia. Close the lock by pressing down the lever. Refresh your app or call our customer service to make sure the rental has been stopped. Check the map for information about the official and virtual stations and check prices for information about return fees.


Pay-as-you-Go: First hour is 2€ per bike and every ongoing hour is 1€ per bike. Maximum charge per 24 hours is 8€ per bike.

Annual membership: customers can register for our annual membership packageat 120€  per year, paid in 10€ monthly installments. The customer is entitled to 120 mins per day free ride per one bike. The customer can use his / her 120 mins in one go or in intervals within a day.

All charges cease upon the official return of the bike.


Our company is customer oriented and we strive to make our customers’ experience better every time. We are therefore open to suggestions or comments whether relating to the current station locations, new location suggestions, recommendations, feedback etc.

Contact: info@nextbike.com.cy



Announcement of the launch of the Strovolos Green Waste Collection Point

The Strovolos Municipality would like to inform residents that the new “Green Waste Collection Point” is now in operation. The centre aims to receive and forward green waste/trimmings to be composted, as well as recycling and/or reusing other domestic material and objects, such as electrical appliances, furniture, toys, etc.

Residents are required to transfer this waste to the “Green Waste Collection Point” themselves since, as previously announced, the Municipality terminated the garden waste collection service and the collection service of trimmings and other waste from plots in April 2019. This waste will be received free of charge for residents.

The “Green Waste Collection Point” in Strovolos is located next to the Nicosia General Hospital roundabout, on Chalkidikis street, (next to “Leroy Merlin” store). See Map here.

The “Green Waste Collection Point” is open daily, including weekends. The operating hours are:

Summer timetable (April-September):
Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Winter timetable (October – March):
Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

The contact number for the “Green Waste Collection Point” is 99950161.

In addition, the Municipality would like to inform the public that the “Temporary Green Waste Collection Point” is no longer in operation. This was open until recently in the warehouse area of the Municipality, next to the former “Orphanides hypermarket”. The Strovolos Municipality requests that residents do not place bags with trimmings in front of their houses or litter empty plots or other open areas of the city.  Instead, residents should use the “Green Waste Collection Point”, which has been especially created for this purpose. For additional information regarding this matter, residents can visit the Municipality’s website here or contact the Resident’s Service Bureau at 22470470 during working hours.

The cleanliness of the Municipality’s requires everyone’s cooperation. Let’s keep our neighbourhoods clean and healthy.