200+ Sonatas for cello and piano with Peter Somodari & Nicolas Constantinou, 20/9/21

Sonatas for cello and piano

Péter Somodari | principal cellist of the Wiener Philharmoniker
Nicolas Costantinou | piano

Monday, 20 September 2021 | 20:00
Strovolos Municipal Theatre

LMS invites you to a chamber music recital with works for cello and piano with renowned Péter Somodari, principal cellist of the Wiener Philharmoniker and pianist Nicolas Costantinou. The repertoire centres on works spanning a period of two hundred five years, covering, thus, a significant scope of the rich history of works for this combination of instruments. The concert begins with the Sonata No. 4 in C major by Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer who first composed for the two instruments. Written in 1815, the Sonata is a striking example of all those innovations that make up the composer’s late period; fantasy and simplicity are juxtaposed with rigorous contrapuntal textures. Exactly a century later and in the midst of the First World War, Claude Debussy composed his own sonata, which divulges Debussy’s appeal to the models of the French ‘classicists’ of the 18th century and to the great Viennese composers. The Sonata’s musical classicism and syntax merge with the composer’s ‘symbolist’ aesthetics and highly original exploration of harmonic language and colouristic textures. Gabriel Fauré’s Élégie, originally intended as the slow movement of an unrealised cello sonata, is a masterful, lucid and transparent masterpiece. The concert concludes with Cypriot composer, Constantinos Stylianou’s Sonata in C major, which was composed in 2020, during the general lockdown against COVID-19. Written in three movements, the Sonata is full of lyricism, energy, humour and passion. This performance also marks its world premiere.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for piano and cello No. 4, Op. 102/1 (1815)
Gabriel Fauré: Elegy, for cello and piano, Op. 24 (1883)
Claude Debussy: Sonata for cello and piano, (1915)
Constantinos Stylianou: Sonata for cello and piano (2020)

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Full-price €15 | Concessions* €10
* LMS members, pensioners, full-time students, soldiers

Important notice:  We encourage patrons to purchase tickets in advance as seating is limited and assigned numerically. Alternatively, patrons may purchase available tickets or returns at the box office only on the evening of the performance.

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ΧΟΡΗΓΟΙ: Πολιτιστικές Υπηρεσίες Υπουργείου Παιδείας, Άλφα Μέγα

Climate Change Summer School organized in the framework of the project Walk the Global Walk

The urgency of Climate Change destruction and our responses to this emergency, will be discussed and decided in this year’s 4 day long summer school that will be held in Troodos from the 28th to the 31st of August 2020, for the European project Walk the Global Walk.

The summer school will enhance the collaboration of Youth student leaders and teachers from Paralimni and Solea High schools, environmental and elected officers from Strovolos Municipality and CARDET educational staff, armed with last year’s educational and awareness actions implemented in schools.

The results from the deliberations of the participants, through the adherence to active learning, active listening and active collaboration will be presented, in a Manifesto of actions based at large on the Sustainable Development Goal 13 of the United Nations.

Photo from last year’s international summer school that was held in Lisbon, Portugal between 29th and 4 July 2019

Μeeting of the Ambassador of the United States of America in Cyprus, Judith G. Garber, with the Mayor of Strovolos Andreas Papacharalambous

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Cyprus, Judith G. Garber paid a courtesy call to the Mayor of Strovolos, Andreas Papacharalambous, today, Thursday, July 9.  Municipal Town Clerk Mr. George Christodoulou, and the Embassy’s Commercial Specialist, Ms. Ephie-Yvonnie Charalambidou, were also present at the meeting.

Among the issues raised by the Mayor, were the role of local authorities in Cyprus, as well as the challenges the Municipalities face in general, with waste management constituting as top priority, and how these could be dealt with through the proposed local government reform Bill.

In relation to the planned projects in the Municipality of Strovolos, the Mayor analyzed the benefits expected from the Slow City project for the restoration of Strovolos’s Old Center, which is expected to be completed within the year 2021, aiming to create a more anthropocentric and sustainable city.


Strovolos Volunteering Policies and Practices Address by the Mayor, Mr Andreas Papacharalambous Brussels, November 20th 2019

Your Excellency, the Deputy Permanent Representative of the Slovak Republic to the EU, Petra Vargova

Dear President of the CEV, Christina Rigman

Honorable members of the Jury

Dear delegation members of Kosice, Padova and Berlin
Distinguished guests

Ladies and gentlemen

It is with great pleasure and a sense of humility that I address tonight’s ceremony.

On behalf of Strovolos Municipality, I wish to stress that having qualified as one of the two candidates for the title of the European Volunteering Capital 2021, we are deeply honoured by the endorsement and grateful for the opportunity to present our case.

Strovolos is the first municipality in Cyprus to reach this stage and this has raised unprecedented interest and support, both locally, as well as nationally.

I feel obliged to mention that our efforts were embraced and endorsed by the Presidency of the Republic and the Council of Ministers, the Commissioner of Volunteerism and Non-Governmental Organizations, the Commissioner for the Environment, other municipalities, the local media, as well as several private sponsors.

Located in the heart of the city of Nicosia, Strovolos is the second largest municipality in Cyprus.

It has a population of over 70.000 inhabitants, consisting mostly of Cypriot citizens but also a growing number of other EU and third country citizens, creating a lively ‘amalgamation’ of different cultures.

Cyprus itself is a small Republic and one that has suffered a great deal through its history.

It has been able to survive and prosper because of its long-standing communal traditions that have sustained a deep culture of solidarity that small communities are able to attain.


Volunteerism comes naturally to places like Cyprus.

It comes naturally to the municipality and citizens of Strovolos.

But, times change and challenges emerge.

They demand strategic planning, better organization, structures and institutions, collective efforts, targeted communication, new knowledge and experiences.

We have embraced this avenue and our presence here is not only evidence of this but part of our vision to do and offer more.

Strovolos is a small community and we remain true to our traditions.

Thus, we have always adopted a bottom-up approach. We ensure that the real needs on the ground are taken into consideration. We ensure, that our plans and actions are effective, responding to the needs of the people.


Strovolos and its citizens have always fostered a culture of respect and reciprocity, a culture of giving and sharing.

One in five of our citizens are volunteers. Our task to provide incentives for volunteers to continue enriching their work and improving our community, finds no obstacles.


From the Volunteers’ Club at a local Secondary School raising the small amount of 7.500 euros, used for the purchase of a swing for children with mobility difficulties, to the large-scale inclusion project launched seven years ago entitled “Colorful Societies” that offers free services to third country nationals, volunteerism is in our blood and in our culture.

 Our Colorful Societies project co-funded by the European Integration Fund has sought the active and productive inclusion of third country nationals in our community.

It has managed to transform a difficult and delicate challenge, into a productive, positive and inclusive reality.


It is a core priority to facilitate the effective integration of vulnerable groups, including refugees, by implementing initiatives that promote their wellbeing and foster a culture of respect for human rights.


On a more institutional level and in our effort to promote sustainable quality volunteering and to ensure a safe and supportive environment for volunteers the Municipality established the “Office for Volunteerism and Active Citizenship – OVAC”.


OVAC has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with the National Commissioner for Volunteerism Mr Yiannis Yiannaki, whom I want to personally thank for his presence here tonight and for his continuous support.

By following the guiding policy tools prepared by the Commissioner and in compliance with PAVE, OVAC aims at improving management, coordination and support of volunteer initiatives. It recruits volunteer citizens, provides appropriate training and certifies them to use their skills for the benefit of the community.

As I mentioned earlier one out of five citizens in our municipality is an active volunteer, participating either in OVAC’s initiatives or in broader volunteer groups.


To foster a culture of participation and to enable volunteers to maximize their contribution, Strovolos and OVAC ensure that all registered volunteers and all those interested in joining, are well informed about their rights, as well as the values and objectives of volunteering.


Additionally, to guarantee the best enabling environment for our volunteers, the municipality adopted three political documents by the National Commissioner for Volunteerism and NGOs:

a) The Charter of the Active Citizenship and Active Citizen

b) The Report “The Organized Civil Society in Cyprus” and

c) The Declaration for the “Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers”.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Volunteerism is like a seed…

If nurtured it blossoms…

Volunteerism in Strovolos is deeply rooted

and is always in fruition.

For Strovolos, becoming the European Volunteering Capital 2021, would serve as a powerful platform from where we shall confirm our commitment to the cause of volunteerism.

A platform to share our best practices within Europe, learn from the vast experience of our partners and expand our capacity to deliver.

For Strovolos, becoming the European Volunteering Capital 2021, will allow us to restate and reinforce our common European values and principles.

Above all, it will improve and strengthen our collective capacity to develop the appropriate solutions in order to respond to the multitude of challenges ahead, in the way that authentic volunteers from our part of the world have always done.


Thank you.

Andreas Papacharalambous
Mayor of Strovolos


Photos from the presentation ceremony of the Municipality of Strovolos for the title of European Capital of Volunteerism (Brussels, November 20th 2019